Certified Vehicles in Inventory for Sale
at Luciani Acura

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A Complete 125-Point Inspection

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from Luciani Acura means that you get a high-quality pre-owned vehicle that has been carefully inspected to avoid potential short, medium, and long-term problems. Acura's pre-owned certification program includes a complete inspection and many other benefits that make sure the vehicle you buy will never let you down.

For a pre-owned model that is reliable, durable, and safe, nothing amounts to the quality and reliability of certified pre-owned Acura vehicles. Our Acura certified pre-owned department offers its customers a wide selection of pre-owned models that are thoroughly inspected and repaired if needed. Find the perfect model for you today.

The quality of Acura certified pre-owned vehicles is assured first and foremost by a comprehensive 125-point inspection that must be performed on all Acura pre-owned vehicles before they can be certified.

This inspection identifies any potential problems and repairs it, ensuring that your certified pre-owned Acura vehicle will never let you down. At Luciani Acura, our experienced and dedicated technicians have combed through all of the certified models in our inventory so you can shop with confidence.

Extended Warranties and Many Other Benefits

Luciani Acura offers a host of other benefits when you buy a certified pre-owned Acura. You will be entitled to a wide range of extended warranties, reduced interest rates, and additional roadside assistance.

If a repair is performed on a vehicle, it will have been done with genuine Acura parts to ensure the quality of the repair and the vehicle’s durability.

Come meet us today to learn more about all of our certified pre-owned Acura vehicles.